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    5 Feb 2015, 8:53pm GMT+0000
    Marti posted in |AoX| 2 - 1 =MyS=.

    f0r3v3r In most sports you would refer to a tie in a matchup like this: 1-0-1 <--- 1 Win 0 Losses 1 Tie.

    but this is AC :D

  2. 5 Feb 2015, 10:07am GMT+0000
    Marti posted in |AoX| 2 - 1 =MyS=.

    keegs how was it 2-1

    a tie is 1-1 lol

  3. 3 Feb 2015, 2:52pm GMT+0000

    keegs so ur in homie


  4. 3 Feb 2015, 2:49pm GMT+0000
    Marti posted in Troll's Application.

    Troll Troll will take them all on...everyone is beatable hehe


  5. 3 Feb 2015, 2:47pm GMT+0000
    Marti posted in The return (of the Frizz).

    keegs contradicting you may have just confused all people who do not speak english as their first language and on behalf of kitten, i would like to apologise


  6. 29 Jan 2015, 8:46pm GMT+0000

    Trionkali Utah is a Minnesotan mate xD

    no Utah is an American state

  7. 29 Jan 2015, 8:22pm GMT+0000

    F1 cuz ive been to Utah last summer

  8. 29 Jan 2015, 5:25pm GMT+0000
    mash changed Marti's group to Activated.
  9. 29 Jan 2015, 3:54pm GMT+0000
    Marti posted in |AoX| Language Center.

    badger *lol* nice lesson, Marti... that is something everyone surely will need to know xD

    the more you know

    hablo español muy bien amigo

  10. 29 Jan 2015, 11:34am GMT+0000
    Marti posted in Headshot server.

    keegs np most people call me the master of computers

    also master bater

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