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    10 Feb 2015, 3:58pm GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in Mega Script.

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    Trionkali posted in Troll's Application.

    LOL he is on every time I am on. Always with the same name. Guy is the most active Applicant I have seen.

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    Trionkali posted in Troll's Application.


  4. 5 Feb 2015, 12:07am GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in Troll's Application.

    keegs rq nub = rage quit noob

    I didn't rq, I simply and elegantly declined to accept the fact that the odds were stacked 8-1 with my team simply standing there as if they were part if the scenery. Everyone knows Trionkali doesn't rq. I'll lose 85-12 and not rq, but that team was simply not worth my time at the point in the game in which I was in.
    And my food was getting cold, and that food was worth "rq'ing" for 0_0

  5. 4 Feb 2015, 10:08pm GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in What are you listening to?.

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    Trionkali posted in Utah's Application [Accepted].


  7. 4 Feb 2015, 9:04pm GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in Utah's Application [Accepted].

    Graziano Change the name of this thread to --> Accepted.

  8. 4 Feb 2015, 9:01pm GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in How much is web-site?.

    Usually I don't see a lack of Web designers or stuff like that. Well maybe there're some companies who need wore of them but you will always find someone who'll create a website for you since this is a global market.

    True, but some people are small minded or like to keep the money within the community, both of which happen quite often it seems.
    And due to it's being a global market, it's all the more reason to keep prices up, because we are talking about the entire world.

  9. 4 Feb 2015, 12:26am GMT+0000
    Trionkali posted in How much is web-site?.

    In web class they say no more than $250 an hour. This is because there are kids doing it for like $50 for a whole site and they aren't thinking about their future in the business. When they get older and need to pay bills they will want $250 an hour, so they screw themselves over. I don't know the value of money where you are to the comparison to value here. Value of money in America is lower than many other countries pretty much, as we make an average of about $13 per hour. So a business man here could afford to pay about $250 per hour.
    Now remember this is just what I learned, I personally would charge about $150 an hour but that's my opinion. And This is also Minnesota where the entire south half of the state is lacking Web designers.

  10. 3 Feb 2015, 7:50pm GMT+0000

    now we're a little ahead
    a comma makes that Negative Four-hundred forty-five sextillion and one. -445 sextillion and 1 . -445,00000000000000000001

    And even with a decimal it makes it 00000000000000000001 off now. You screwed the whole thing now Muncher.
    xD JK!

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