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  1. 6 years ago
    21 Jan 2015, 1:41pm GMT+0000

    Is it a problem that someone prefers Tosok or LSS.
    I know players that only play Gema. Some of them are clan leaders too.

    I would of thought that if he is good at tosok and lss he would be a good defensive player in team matches

  2. 21 Jan 2015, 1:39pm GMT+0000
    vector posted in king's Application [Denied].

    King is 15. He speaks a small amount of English. But it is passable,, ( Quico was the same)

    I have played king a few times found him ok, he does not ragequit.

    His app failed in U suddenly with out me knowing. It was voted that his English could be a problem. Myself I think he can improve that. He did come to TS3 and ok it was a struggle but we got there in the end.

    Above all remember he is 15 so if you want to f2 then do it kindly.
    I think the app would depend on TS3 to see if he can get on with English.
    If your app fails do not be put off. You can still join in the forum writing posts so people get to know you more.
    Sometimes that is the best way to get to know people in a clan by reading the forums and communicating, TS3 too.

    Good Luck King

  3. 18 Jan 2015, 9:11am GMT+0000

    BTW Utah this is the normal course of Aox. All apps threads get derailed haha.
    But at the end of the day it always works out fine.
    This is what makes AoX special to other clans. The humour and of course the knowledge base.
    GL with your app. Have enjoyed playing with you in AC.

  4. 18 Jan 2015, 9:01am GMT+0000
    vector posted in Mega Script.

    Haha is this a script or an admins dream..

    Impressive amount of work on this Trion. I have just downloaded and about to play with it.
    Will get back to you when I have used it a little.

    BTW thanks. AC needs people like you that show effort.. THANKS

    Personally I think atm it needs condensing but hey lets try it first.

  5. 16 Jan 2015, 4:37pm GMT+0000
    vector posted in Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!.

    Well that's two years of hard work by you lot.
    Smiles and thinks if only others could learn from AoX .
    The commitment by some ,and more than that , its the amount of sharing that goes on.

    Of all the clans forums I go to, I always consider this as my home as there is always something going on, always a contribution by someone.

    So I raise my glass and say "Heres to another two years of more of the same "

    PS any chance of all getting together one night and playing Subs map . I think it's an awesome map.

  6. 16 Jan 2015, 4:16pm GMT+0000
    vector posted in Je suis Charlie.

    TRAGEDY !!! Yes its a tragedy when someone for misguided ideals decided to act in the way they did in Paris.
    Tragedy for the families left behind and also the families of the killers.

    Both sides will be asking questions.
    The victims why my son. Why could his train not of been late ? etc
    The Killers family . What did I do wrong to make my son do that. Did I bring my son up wrong ?
    Whatever the meaning it will always be the same as we are human beings. Humans have a gift of feeling, understanding if you will !
    Something animals do not. But all the same, what is wrong with this species that we are capable of tainting a persons mind enough to kill like this ? Are we no better than dogs, ?

    Religion is a place were we thought beliefs were sacred. To me a belief is a personal thing. I don't care if your Muslim, Jew or athiest, black white, yellow Irish, Scottish, Australian ... whatever... I just see a person that I may like. (Certainly not hate before I knew them at all)
    Shame others in this world did not keep it personal, instead of inciting racial or religious hatred in others.

    Until that day the news can only be more of the same.. sighs!
    God bless those who live in fear and trepidation.

  7. 16 Jan 2015, 3:19pm GMT+0000

    It has now been confirmed what weapon Utah used to use and where he left it. xd

  8. 12 Jan 2015, 7:54pm GMT+0000
    vector posted in Headshot server.

    absolutely brilliant bloodsport..

    Shame there is not a server that everyone has same weapons in game like shotties in one game smg the next etc

    Its kind of frustrating when your have a whale of a time with your smg then someone just lets loose with a cannon lol

    anyway thanks will play this some and more.

  9. 6 Jan 2015, 5:45pm GMT+0000
    vector posted in To the |AoX| Starship!!!.

    see you around Grazy .. will miss your TS3 contributions and your games skills which I will not comment on as I am a rubbish player.

    But all the same hurry back. Or rather enjoy your time off and come back with a refreshed feeling.


  10. 5 Jan 2015, 11:12am GMT+0000

    I have to say I have never seen an app with so many F1's.

    Well done Utah.
    See you in game

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