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    10 Feb 2015, 6:54am GMT+0000

    Well, seeing as you didn't provide a demo, no-one can deal with it. So a possible hacker avoids the blacklist.

  2. 9 Feb 2015, 12:32am GMT+0000

    You didn't grab the demo...

  3. 9 Feb 2015, 12:31am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Where did the Gema Servers go?.

    Casius Actually, in my times of playing, a good bit of AC players don't speak or read (much) no, you are not making it convenient for the "majority". Anyways, let's not keep this going any longer.

    Must... Have... Last... Word...

    I'm not sure you quite understand what I'm saying. The majority of players are the ones who understand how gema works. Whether because someone told them in their language or because they can read english. Either way, people deserve to be able to play on a gema server without being constantly killed. And I've yet to see a gema server anywhere being used for pub play. So I think it's fair to say the majority of people on gema servers understand how they work.

  4. 7 Feb 2015, 9:29am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Where did the Gema Servers go?.

    If they don't know how to read english, then tough. They will get kicked or banned anyway, and if they start complaining on other servers in say french, then eventually someone who understands the language will explain it to them.

    It just makes it more convenient for the majority of people.
    Where you can't keep everyone satisfied, you keep as many people satisfied as possible.
    Unfortunately, well, you can't keep everyone happy.

  5. 7 Feb 2015, 9:16am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Troll's Application.

    Lean is within his rights to f2 (even if he's utterly wrong and looks like a numpty for doing it :).)

    However, there is lots of support for this app to go ahead to trial.

    I have actually seen you in pubs, (I think(maybe(ish))).

    Anyway, I am terrible with remembering how I vote on an app unless it's an F2 and I am defending myself against hordes of angry executioners (see what I did there?).

    Anyway, I F1 troll for trial.

  6. 6 Feb 2015, 6:33am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in What games do we play?.

    Just got Far Cry 3. I know how my weekend shall go...

    FUSION! (Or the game, it depends on whether I can get to the internet)

  7. 6 Feb 2015, 6:06am GMT+0000


  8. 6 Feb 2015, 6:06am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Where did the Gema Servers go?.

    Casius To be fair, I would say it is indeed gameplay affecting. If I were new, went into a server, killed a couple of people (in a fps game), get kicked / ban, yeah..I'd be mind fucked.

    However, all he people he killed when on the gema server would be pretty pissed as well...
    I do understand where you're coming from, I just think that if I were on the server, if someone connected after gema killing twice, I would be banning him ASAP. If he connected after gema killing a couple of times, the people on the server would be banning him.

    It just enforces the basic rule of the gema server. Which is written on the top of the screen when you connect, and periodically flashes up.

    In my very humble opinion, it's fine.

  9. 4 Feb 2015, 2:05am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Troll's Application.

    badger If you show to be a good player you might enter the pro-league of AoX and earn some cash with matches - a possibility to get to an appartment which ins't under a bridge ;)

    jk, no league like this exists around.

    We need one for the players who are good, but can't devote as much time to ac because of the lack of money.

    P.S. Troll, can I borrow your nick for a day or so to see what happens when I connect?

  10. 2 Feb 2015, 3:05am GMT+0000
    Padfoot posted in Utah's Application [Accepted].

    Mash does not forgive...
    Mash does not forget...
    Expect him...


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