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  1. 8 years ago
    30 Apr 2014, 9:20am GMT+0100

    oh wow congrats guys <3

  2. 28 Apr 2014, 12:15pm GMT+0100

    hey guys im back :D i got a bronze medal

  3. 23 Apr 2014, 2:12pm GMT+0100

    guys after tomorrow i will be away for 4-5 days , im going inter state for my taekwondo comp hope to see you guys next week :D keep fragging

  4. 23 Apr 2014, 1:26am GMT+0100

    thank you guys <3

  5. 22 Apr 2014, 4:16pm GMT+0100

    had an awesome inter with madcatz and quico :D madcatz will hopefully put up screenshots soon :) have a goodnight guys

  6. 21 Apr 2014, 4:12am GMT+0100

    yes true madcatz but i still get to see most of you guys often :P

  7. 15 Apr 2014, 12:09pm GMT+0100

    haha cho :P love them true and sorry again i havnt been using it :P hope to see you guys around soon!

  8. 14 Apr 2014, 6:11am GMT+0100

    hmm i get you , sorry dude didnt think of it that way ill delete that now :)

  9. 13 Apr 2014, 5:55am GMT+0100

    wow sorry man i dont even know what i did wrong explain if you could and ill change what ever it was i did

  10. 12 Apr 2014, 4:31am GMT+0100

    thank you Graz :)

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