Galaxy's application [Accepted]

  1. 9 years ago


    Aug 2013
    Edited 8 years ago by mash

    General Information
    Nick: \Galaxy/
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Spain
    Real Name: Adrian

    Additional Information
    Favorite modes: CTF, TDM
    Favorite weapons: AR
    Previous Clan: nop
    Playing for: a year and a half

    Why I want to join AoX:
    you all are good people and I need to stay in a clan that the members get respect and fun ^^ :D

  2. Edited 8 years ago by mash

    here there are the screenies and the demo:

    In the ac_desert3 screen, I did 2 flags with 7 kills and 1 death with ratio of 7.00    IN 1 MINUTE jaja

    In the ac_power screen, I score 11 flags with 43 kills and 7 deaths with a ratio of 6.14 xD   |Ax|Disturbed- saw me ^^

  3. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    screenies please

  4. PoPCorN

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member Bottom of sea which is ATLANTIC

    F3.Need to see ur screenies.

  5. Edited 8 years ago by mash

    sry to be late with screenies i didnt know i must put it :))\

  6. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    No, problem. Decent enough scores. Maybe some more?...

  7. Hey other time!   There are new screenshots here:

    I started with the game when it was 11 minutes remaining without lagg, but when it was 8 minutes remainin it was too laggy and i have seen teleports jeje...    I did 9 flags with 30 kills and 14 death with a ratio of 2.14... (ac_sunset)

    I did 1 flag with 5 kills and 1 death with a ratio of 5.00 in LESS OF 1 MINUTE jeje... (ac_depot)

  8. madcatz

    Aug 2013 Administrator Đ¯ussia

    F1 for trial - very good as player. But of course time is needed to know him as a person :)

  9. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    F3 from me, not entirely convinced. keep up the good work though!

  10. Hey other time, I took some screenies more :D here there are:

    In this game, I did 17 flags, 43 kills and 33 death, with a ratio of 1.30, sry for the ratio, I did 17 flags jaja and I was a little laggy :((

    but its good I think... with these screenies its ok right?

  11. pixle

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member

    not sure if iv seen galaxy ingame before? have i?

  12. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Well, you seemed very nice and fairly well skilled when we met the other day...I just need a little more time to make a decision (f3)...When are you most active? Maybe we could 1v1 sometime?

  13. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    F1, watched him in-game and he is a nice guy.

  14. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    f1 from me :D I look forward to seeing you around more :D

  15. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    looks like he does qualify for trial period. well done.

  16. new screeeenies ^^ :

  17. another screenie more:

  18. this time I fought vs |Ax?Bloodsport, nice headshot player, very nice jeje

  19. Hey there, I dont know if I should put more screenies but here there are one more:

  20. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    Yes, keep them coming! xD

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