Grav's application [Accepted]

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    Aug 2013
    Edited 5 years ago by mash

    General Information
    Nick: Grav
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Lithuanian
    Real Name: Tadas

    Additional Information
    Favorite modes: TOSOK, OSOK, TDM, DM
    Favorite weapons: AR, Sniper rifle
    Previous Clan: None
    Playing for: 5 months

    Why I want to join AoX:
    Good clan, want to come back.

  2. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    F3 for now. I was not impressed how you conducted yourself last time. Next time you might want to think twice before just leaving. Your a nice guy and I like you, but you acted irrationally and as I said before, I was not impressed at all.

    Keep posting screenies and try to be as active as possible and Chaco back here as often as possible.

    Gl and hf.

  3. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Check* - autocorrect.

  4. Sorry mate, but reason for leaving before was that you were a bit too abusive. And I don't like that, but I think that you've changed and I want to return :P For activity, I might join one to three times a day for few matches, have other stuff to do :P Anyway, gonna try to be as active as I posibly can :)

  5. Well,concidering that u were a member of ax and ur  my friend I will vote f1

  6. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    F2, I haven't changed one bit.

  7. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    lol why so serious Vanilla ??

  8. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    someone has to be.

  9. PoPCorN

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member Bottom of sea which is ATLANTIC

    I will vote f1.Seen him ingame and he got some skills.

  10. pixle

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member

    lol vanilla u have changed since then, in a good way ^^ F1 from me awesome guy i dont need to say any more than that ^^

  11. f0r3v3r

    Aug 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    I understand there was an extenuating circumstance involved in your previous membership, but I think you deserve a clean slate. I remember seeing you play with us many times after that day (- heretofore I will refer to that as 'F-Day' -) and I remember asking you to reconsider your decision...I am glad that you have, but I am going to ask a favor from everyone in the clan - Please remember that Vanilla IS our leader, and even if you may not understand his position or attitude regarding certain situations, we need to respect the leadership of the clan...
    Putting all of the past of F-Day behind us may seem ridiculous, but I already have...
    With that said, I will f1 for a new trial for Grav....

  12. Edited 5 years ago by mash

    Couldn't have said better Forever and I will gladly put all of the past of F-Day behind me. Vanilla, hope to work with you on Your side again :)

  13. pixle

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member

    haha F-Day ^^ love it :P

  14. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    The meaning of F-Day is Fuck day right ;)

  15. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    We all know what the F is and I am not even going to crack that ole' chestnut again! lol

  16. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    You have 3 F1's (disturbed's doesn't count anymore)...

    I am still undecided...

    Waiting for madcat to post his thoughts...

  17. I played him before. He probably won me in a 1v1.

  18. [deleted]

    Sep 2013


  19. pixle

    Sep 2013 |AoX| Senior Member

    who els can f1 him? as in people who r active on the forums now? coz dist is gone, so realy he had 5 f1s

  20. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    I haven't voted ;)

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