Graziano's Application [Accepted]

  1. 9 years ago


    Aug 2013
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    General Information
    Nick: Graziano
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Belgian
    Real Name: David

    Additional Information
    Favorite modes: All
    Favorite weapons: Sniper, AR
    Previous Clan: None
    Playing for: 4 years or more

    Why I want to join AoX:
    Well this clan looks fun and does much with his members, never found a clan like this. I saw the |AoX| in the beginning, and i must say, the members are growing and being better :).More.. I want back be a pro, maybe can I have a good name for the clan. Much clans asked me, but I only want this one I really like this one.

    About me:

    What I want to accomplish by joining AoX:

    Why I should be in AoX:

  2. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    F1, good attitude an personality. 3 more solid F1's and you will become a dull member.

  3. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Full*^ (not dull) *facepalm*

  4. madcatz

    Aug 2013 Administrator Đ¯ussia


  5. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    This application might be suspended due to Graziano being very rare in game. Might. If this is the case he can re-apply in 2 weeks.

    Try to be as active as possible and post screenshots.

  6. f1

  7. PoPCorN

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member Bottom of sea which is ATLANTIC


  8. pixle

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member

    im gna say f1 even thogh hes inactive hes a great good good attitude and well skilled

  9. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Looks like he is in :)

  10. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Congrats Graz! Always fun to play with you, hope to see more of in-game soon! :D

  11. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Oh - and I was too slow again - so belated f1! xD

  12. [deleted]

    Sep 2013

    f0r3v3r =, your such a turtle :P

  13. [deleted]

    Sep 2013
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