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    Feb 2015 |AoX| Member


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  4. Troll

    Feb 2015 Activated U.S.
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    if you haven't seen me online, you are in the wrong rooms because I am a junky, like literally addicted to videogames and play WAY too often! It's good to see the application again haha...thank you all for the f1's...and about this LeaN person...humph...well...she's a hot shit and glad she voiced her opinion. I do play eratically, mostly I'm on weekends like sunrise to set. during the week I do homework first and tend to the gf...troll has a gf na na na na boo boo!! I think you are all awesome and friendly and I am not taking anything personally. We can always kill together in pub!!

  5. Troll

    Feb 2015 Activated U.S.

    and let me add...I have missed this site :P

  6. 3 years ago


    Feb 2015 |AoX| Member

    f1 for full, very active player and he showed me that he got some potentional / skills

  7. f0r3v3r

    Feb 2015 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    The App continues \\\here ///

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