lssgod's Application [Denied]

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  2. 7 years ago


    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member

    Kitten the point is that, u are young too but u knows hot it works.. this guy i so inexpert/untrained with clan/ts3 things. or aox is an school?

    i dont mind about the nickname

  3. keegs

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member / Administrator

    what about SniperGod's application? how did you feel about that mash?

  4. whopxer

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member

    Kitten I did state that you were too young in your application. He sounds like he would bring more trouble to this clan rather than good and he is 13 man. I was still watching spongebob lol

  5. LeaN

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member
    Edited 7 years ago by LeaN

    whop, you are an special case

  6. Cho

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Offline

    Why stop watching spongebob?
    I still watch spongebob!

  7. lssgod

    Jan 2015 Activated

    for the nick , i could happily change it( the reason i keep it is that i know many old school lss players and osok players and they wouldnt recognise me by an other nick) , ive figured out how ts3 works. But i can see that most of you are opposed to having me to the clan , so should i cancel my app?

  8. Padfoot

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    It's not up to you anymore. The app has been rejected. Two F2's from full members.

    LeaN whop, you are an special case

    Fixed it for ya :P

  9. Trionkali

    Jan 2015 Activated

    Ohhhh I still watch spongebob. And Tom & Jerry, but that's just to be expected

  10. badger

    Jan 2015 Administrator badger's burrow

    Ok mates, this isn't about spongebob (because we all agree that watching spongebob is something that does not stick to a special age instead to a special kind of humor, same for Tom & Jerry), it is about the applicant.

    I have to agree that lssgod as a nick does not seem offensive to me, but I have just wrote some lines about my view upon the unpatience and sensitivity of many religious people in another thread. As long as he does not call himself "F***jesus* I do not see any offense; people have different views and beliefs, not everyone has to take care about everyone else's views for every price, especially not if the nick is "LSS god" and not "Is God". I am almost sure I believe in quite some other gods than you, Mash, but seriously, we do not fight about it, so why being so harsh upon that kid? *friendly backslapping Mash*
    Aye Mash, I agree with you upon that t/osok thing; I as well remember my time when I played these modes only, were great times ^^

    Nevertheless we have more important things to deal with:

    • mature enough?
    • TS?
    • enough knowledge of the game?

    To the age I do not want to take position. Imho 13 is too young, but this is a result from our agelimit we had in the past. You guys in here who are under 16 have all proven to be mature enough so that I was able to accept you to troll with us ;)
    What I want to say by this is that I think the age should not be the only reason to dismiss the kid.

  11. Trionkali

    Jan 2015 Activated

    I'm sorry for helping lead these threads off topic.

    I agree with badger. Topic Topic...

  12. f0r3v3r

    Jan 2015 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    I think he is nice enough, he just has a lot of little things to learn about our clan and the game, and what is important to us.

    But, when someone applies, we must also think about what it means to existing members to share a part of their reputation with the person applying.

    While it is clear there may be some disagreement in denying lssgod, we must respect what our member's are asking of us.

    But that is not to say we cannot have friendly and respectful discourse in regards to the matter.

    For this, I am very appreciative that everyone has made an effort to be clear with your issues, and in a respectful way.

    I will note that this application is technically declined. But I would like to see this discussion play out and give lssgod a chance to make a rebuttal before we set it in stone.

    lssgod - Please do not feel unwelcome, it is just a part of the application process that it may appear brutal at times.
    However, if you would - please make an argument or appeal to the issues that have been made by mash and Padfoot
    If you feel you cannot make an appeal, we will close the application.
    However, you are welcome to reapply in the future, if you feel you want to take another shot at joining us =)

  13. Pikachu

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Pikachuland, Hoenn

    my vote is at an F3 until I see more. I honestly don't think 'lssgod' is a bad name.

  14. keegs

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member / Administrator
    Edited 7 years ago by mash

    you dont need to cancel your app because you have had too many f2s for this to continue - deleted because of untrue statement

  15. keegs

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member / Administrator
    Edited 7 years ago by keegs

    LeaN F2, Sorry but i think that he has nothing to gives for AoX, too young, we are not an LSS only clan, whatever, just my opinion.

    LeaN F2, Sorry but i think that he has nothing to gives for AoX, too young, we are not an LSS only clan, whatever, just my opinion.

    mash F2 I don't see a reason to keep him.

    • He doesn't know how TeamSpeak works
    • He rq in an inter as I hear
    • He's 13 years old
    • His name is offensive

    as i said before (ty mash for deleting it) the app cant continue because of the f2s. in case mash was unaware/ thought i was fibbing pls see my quotations

  16. badger

    Jan 2015 Administrator badger's burrow

    Ahhh keegs, I think you meant because of the F2s, right?

  17. lssgod

    Jan 2015 Activated

    Ok here goes
    I didn't 'rage quit I had to go because of family issues, also I figured out how to connect to the ts server also I only used ts for 30 minutes so I do not think that is fair to judge by that, I think young people can be mature, also I believe members here joined when they were around my age, for the name I could happily change it if that is a issue. Lean does make a good point. That this isn't an only lss osok clan I play them simply because I enjoy them and can't say the same for other modes.

  18. lssgod

    Jan 2015 Activated

    Also it's kind of stupid to day I am not knowledge about this game since I've been playing it since I was 10

  19. mash

    Jan 2015 Administrator Germany
    Edited 7 years ago by mash

    kk F3, now come show me some great html & css stuff

  20. :).

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Scotland

    Just jumping in...

    Took me a while to work out TS3... especially the mic stuff and who was talking as well :D Tbh age isn't a barrier on AC and if he wants to join..yeah cool go for it. It is about skill not age remember?

    i can't vote on this since I haven't made an appearance for a while, sorry folks.

    So F3 from me, but good luck..

  21. keegs

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member / Administrator

    badger Ahhh keegs, I think you meant because of the F2s, right?

    yes oops

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