Je suis Charlie

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    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Fra

    As you know, france has been strike by a terrorist attack, here all around france we call us Charlie and we write
    Je suis Charlie that's mean i'm Charlie, i would like AoX to be together and write i am charlie for those person who die in this intolerable attack in a journalist building. Together again islamiste and terror.

  2. Padfoot

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    Well said

    Now, I'm posting this image. Because I find it amusing, and I bloody well can.

    Also, because unfortunately, it has proven to be somewhat true.

  3. Marti

    Jan 2015 Activated

    islam is 500 years behind, they are doing what christians did 500 years ago with their crusades.

    it isnt a battle against islam, its a battle against terrorism/extremists

    i hope they get the guys tho, and that they can have 72 male virgins in 'heaven'

  4. madcatz

    Jan 2015 Administrator Яussia

    Rage is not good. Noone has right to apply Lynch law. Those people are barbarians. They dont know their own religion. Actually i have a belief that it is done on purpose by some organisation who sees islam as a problem. I would advice not to follow mass media provocations. Think a bit wider and a bit deeper. If 2 mentally ill "muslims" killed people, that doesnt mean over 1 billion of other muslims are thinking in the same way.
    If that was not clear till now im a muslim. And im against terror. Im with oppressed ones and my prays with victims.

  5. Keettu

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Lala land™ (with Lala♥)

    Je suis Charlie!!!

    It's a shame that attack really, can't the world just for one day be at peace? :(

  6. madcatz

    Jan 2015 Administrator Яussia

    Not in this life

  7. Trionkali

    Jan 2015 Activated
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    I feel bad for the people who lost their lives and for those who think Islam teaches terrorism. I personally have studied many religions and have seen many more bloody murderous religions than Islam. I disagree whole heartedly with the fighting Islam and personally think we need to fight those little sects who get all the attention by perverting the Qur'an and use their perverted ideas to kill other Muslims and Christians and Jews and Hindus, and Pagans and all of the other religions.

    Do you realize there were more Muslims killed by Muslims this year than anyone else? Nearly 30,000 Muslim civilians lost their lives to ISIS this past year. 1200 Iraqi solders *also Muslim* lost their lives fighting ISIS, Thousands of Shia Muslims have lost their lives to ISIS, in Baghdad alone between 2004-8 there were 4000 deaths due to Al-qaida only 317 were not Muslim. ISIS vows to erase all Sufi and Shia Muslims off the face of the Earth even if it means killing Sunni, and even before the Jews.

    I feel bad for those who have lost their lives. I feel sorry for the families of victims who have fallen prey to these perverted faggots who are smearing the name of their religion. Islam is not the problem. Those who claim to be Muslim are.

    I do not hold Germany responsible for what Hitler and the Nazi party of back then did killing 67%[5,933,900] jews and 90% [untold #] of Gypsies, I cannot hold all of America responsible for the Ku Klux Klan killing blacks [3,446]. I cannot hold all Christians responsible for the Crusades [3.4m] or Witch burnings [2,000] which were founded out of perversion.

    Fight those who need to be fought, not those who are fighting with you.

    Je Suis Charlie for Islam with Muslims against terror

  8. Trionkali

    Jan 2015 Activated
    Edited 7 years ago by Trionkali

    Oh yeah, and the figure of 160,000 – 1.5M Iraqi civilians that were killed as a result of the war. between the US bombings and Terrorist group bombings, 160,000 – 1.5M *Muslim* civilians lost their lives. <that have been accounted for> Up to 2012

    I keep track of what happens to my brothers and sisters and I do not say much until someone attacks Islam, when Islam is not what needs attacking.
    If that was not clear till now I'm a Muslim. And I'm against terror. I'm with oppressed ones and I pray with and for the victims.

  9. f0r3v3r

    Jan 2015 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Charlie Hebdo, you may be quiet now, but you will not be silenced.
    Je Suis Charlie

    And we should never be silenced.

    madcatz Actually i have a belief that it is done on purpose by some organisation who sees islam as a problem. I would advice not to follow mass media provocations.

    It is clear to me there is some truth in this, as we have already seen a few incidents that were thought to be the work of a few sinister, and dedicated 'terrorists.' When, if you dig deeper, it is almost always the work of ruling classes and oil barons.

  10. Deleted 7 years ago by Trionkali
  11. :).

    Jan 2015 |AoX| Member Scotland

    The amount of times I have had to say to people that Islam is a peaceful religion and the attacks are made by people who do anything but peaceful. Terrorists are extremists, not always muslim.

    The most annoying thing about this is that in Nigeria 2,000 people were murdered so much that the bodies could cover 5km! Not a single mention in the news... No politicians called out about it. Ofcourse the attacks in Paris are awful but after those attacks GRENADES were thrown into a muslim mosque in Paris... shows the meaning of the unity march eh?

    Humanity is so contradictory... We say we want to combat extremism then some groups go out and (sort of) cause it. Thats how wars start and unfortunately the next big war will be ultimately be around 'irradiating terrorism'.

    If you are in the UK there is a programme called "English, Angry and White" basically were white men go and scream at muslims... Brillianto..

    The world is horrible truly is.. I feel for every muslim out there who is dedicated to the peaceful religion we all know off, for the people who have been left homeless, orphaned and struggling to survive in the African wars.

    Smileys Speech Over and Out :D

  12. madcatz

    Jan 2015 Administrator Яussia

    Well said, smiley. We should stand for those who are in need, orphaned, homeless ofc. Those people are around. Those attacks will happen because they are planned. We cannot defend from them, but we still can help people around. The least is our family and relatives.

  13. badger

    Jan 2015 Administrator badger's burrow

    That was a tragical thing which happened, for sure... despite my view that it was terrible for any person which became a victim to terrorism I see the problems of hate, fear, misunderstanding, deception and freedom of speech in this. Imho I think that every religion/religious group should be able to deal with satire in a peaceful way cause in the world of today in which the mankind has reached a very high level of knowledge, philosophy and science is no space for religious terror (or so-called religious). Every person must be able to deal with insults, satire or jokes, so why are there some humans who do not get along with having a joke on one of their ideas/ideals/views? For me it is simply unworthy for the selfcalled highest developed organism on this planet to "solve" a personal problem this way...
    And, to be honest, if believers of any religion or cult or whatever are that easy upset... the faith in or the religion itself can not be as strong as the believer thinks it is. A person with real faith in it's religion/cult/whatever would not even give a shit about an insult or a joke or a satire; if this person were about to answer, it would most likely just try to explain in a friendly and patient way the principles of his or her religion and that the person who made the joke is maybe mistaken in his/her view.

    Besides that i do not see the muslims as dangerous or violent. Idiots and fanatics are found in almost every group and I feel bad for the suffering that muslims all over the world had and still have to suffer because of that dumbshit terrorists... being discredited to the non-muslims and being shot because of being the wrong kind of muslims or simply having the bad luck of living at the wrong place at the wrong time is much more to take for a person than we can imagine.

    Well, according to Madcatz and Trionkali here is the point where I should say that if it wasn't clear already I am muslim, but I am not, so please forgive me for that ;)

    It is great to see how you all take part in this conversation, it always makes me kind of proud again to see that we are a clan of people who did not switch off their brains already :)

    So I am not charlie, I am not muslim, I am not this nor that but a lot of different things and wish all people to find a way to live in peace and not hurting each other. We call ourselves the pride of creation - too sad that we do not deal this way, even if we have all the philosophical and scientific instruments we need to do so already in our hands.

    By the way, I suggest you look over this article, I think it has a quite interesting view upon this thread's subject:

  14. Edited 7 years ago by vector

    TRAGEDY !!! Yes its a tragedy when someone for misguided ideals decided to act in the way they did in Paris.
    Tragedy for the families left behind and also the families of the killers.

    Both sides will be asking questions.
    The victims why my son. Why could his train not of been late ? etc
    The Killers family . What did I do wrong to make my son do that. Did I bring my son up wrong ?
    Whatever the meaning it will always be the same as we are human beings. Humans have a gift of feeling, understanding if you will !
    Something animals do not. But all the same, what is wrong with this species that we are capable of tainting a persons mind enough to kill like this ? Are we no better than dogs, ?

    Religion is a place were we thought beliefs were sacred. To me a belief is a personal thing. I don't care if your Muslim, Jew or athiest, black white, yellow Irish, Scottish, Australian ... whatever... I just see a person that I may like. (Certainly not hate before I knew them at all)
    Shame others in this world did not keep it personal, instead of inciting racial or religious hatred in others.

    Until that day the news can only be more of the same.. sighs!
    God bless those who live in fear and trepidation.

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