Houdini's Application [Accepted]

  1. 5 years ago


    Aug 2013
    Edited 5 years ago by mash

    General Information
    Nick: H@UD!N1
    Age: 15, born 1998
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Real Name: Duy

    Additional Information
    Favorite modes: CTF, OSOK
    Favorite weapons: Sniper, SMG
    Previous Clan: {UoC}.
    Playing for: about 2 years

    Why I want to join AoX:
    Friendly clan, i admit. I know many people in here, most of them are my good friends and the others just friends. I want Ax to be my first start after being inactive, maybe for a year due to my study.

    That's all :) Have a nice day eveyone!

    About me:

    What I want to accomplish by joining AoX:

    Why I should be in AoX:

  2. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    I will F1 for the trial ;)

  3. PoPCorN

    Aug 2013 |AoX| Senior Member Bottom of sea which is ATLANTIC

    What about psy?f1 for the trial

  4. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Last time I heard he wanted to apply for =SA= ...

  5. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    Phoenix yes i did. In fact, i can't be active so i gave up that myself.

  6. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Are you sure you want to be here?

  7. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    Why you ask me that? Ofc i want to be part of Ax -.- If not, i wouldn't apply :\

  8. madcatz

    Aug 2013 Administrator Đ¯ussia

    Any screenshots for me, Houdini? Or when your play time in GMT

  9. f0r3v3r

    Aug 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    I've played with H@UD1NI several times, especially when he was more active...Good player!
    As a trial candidate - I will vote f1...Hope to see you in-game again soon :D

  10. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    Ermm...Can you show me how to post images? Do i have to post them on another websites and get the URL? I don't like that because its so complicated :(

  11. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam
    Edited 5 years ago by mash

    Did they work?

  12. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Yep worked great! Thanks Houdini

  13. F1

  14. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    I can only play once or twice a week so I can't post ss daily I'm sorry. Also I play by my unsuitable pc so the score may look bad :/

  15. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Well done, looks like you have the required votes for the trial. You can wear the Ax? Tag (: congratulations.

  16. Houdini

    Aug 2013 Vietnam

    Wait, what?? I have only 4 F1s but it requires 5 F1s :/ still have 1 more I think?

  17. [deleted]

    Aug 2013

    Triumvirate votes count 2 ;)

  18. f0r3v3r

    Aug 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Well Done, man! :D

  19. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2013 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    He has demonstrated himself as a courteous, respectful, knowledgeable, and skilled player....He even ranks regularly on the TyD ladder....
    I can say no more other than I would move to accept Houdini as a full member...
    Any thoughts Madcat or Vanilla?

  20. Houdini

    Sep 2013 Vietnam


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