Nice records :D

  1. 8 years ago


    Nov 2014 |AoX| Trial Member somewhere in the |Infinity|
    Edited 8 years ago by Infinity

    Today I have done a quite good gibb and every time that I do it (usually) I didnt record it, but this time I didnt forgot to record it

    My nick was Panda and it was in minute 6 when I did the gibb :)
    The idea is to post fails and win records :)

  2. badger

    Nov 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Nice job, Infinity! :)

    Win & failrecords? Do you really wish to get failowned by me?

  3. Infinity

    Nov 2014 |AoX| Trial Member somewhere in the |Infinity|

    sure but you also can make win records xD

  4. -Subjective

    Dec 2014 |AoX| Member at the end of the Rainbow

    I also have some crazy gibs and headshots, its easier to make a montage xD

    But i can get some demos in

  5. badger

    Dec 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Infinity, I am sure I am better in failrecords, so I'll stay with my talents xD

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