|SG|SniperGod's Application [Withdrawn]

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  1. 4 years ago

    Basic Enlistment Information
    Nickname: |SG|SniperGod
    Age: 18
    Nationality: South Korea
    Current Time Zone: 05:09pm(gmt)

    Tactical Details
    Favorite modes: tosok
    Favorite weapons: sniper
    Previous Clan: was in |FaD? but they didn't get me off my trial although i posted a few pics to prove that i'm active.
    I've played AssaultCube for about: a year I guess :)

    Behavioral Analysis
    What kind of interests do you hope to pursue with the clan? would like to participate in clan matches if I can.
    Would you consider yourself a Competitive player, or a Casual player? I can be really competitive
    Do you have any coding or development experience? nope, sorry
    Do you have any experience in mapping or game modification? none at all :o

  2. madcatz

    Context Administrator Đ¯ussia

    You can get in if you are active and follow the code of honour. Welcome&Good luck!

  3. Infinity

    Context |AoX| Trial Member somewhere in the |Infinity|

    Wellcome man and like said maddy, be active and follow the rules :)

  4. LeaN

    Context |AoX| Member

    i saw him in pubs, very active player, GL!

  5. I'm very active player haha xD okay I will prove you that I'm worthy enought to get your tail off to use as a light haha ;)

  6. Padfoot

    Context |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    Calm down and be patient. We're not as unstructured (no offense HoeHunter) as clans such as FaD, of even worse GoW. Be patient, be active, and do a nicknamesearch for AoX members every now and then (and play with them obviously).

    Also, you could check the "How do you join AoX thread".

  7. i just said he applied at FaD ! i never remember rejecting your trial in FaD you were not active ! idk when did we have an 1vs1 ? post some screenshots ! Gl with the ss ! I deleted the comment as soon as i saw that in his app !? :|

  8. Trionkali

    Context Activated
    Edited 4 years ago by Trionkali

    Good luck on your app man. From the screenshots he has posted on AoX he is a good player, active, with a decent personality :) I know it means nothing from me here but I f1
    All F1 and for an application to AoX F1= loads of fun GL man HF

    But last thoughts When it comes to your app in FaD SG you act like it's FaD's fault you were denied, I quote a blatant lie when you say '' i posted a few pics to prove that i'm active.''
    Can you show me more than one at this page?
    Here Just figured I'd like to correct this little mishap because in my personal opinion it looks like you are having a go at FaD and I don't like to see that . :D

  9. Hi, Trion! Long time no see! well, as for that, I got a say too. First of all, I admit that my behavior might have been recognized as ignorant during the application process and I kinda forgot that I did upload only one screenshot; my apology for that.

    In my defense, I didn't know how to take screenshots that time well(now I use F12) but it wasn't easy for me(that's why I could take only one ss) so i asked hipsterr to take those for me. *If I remember correctly* And to be completely honest, I was expecting to be recruited after I sufficiently proved my skills and activity. I did a bunch of games as a test(though ss not updated) and successfully proved that I was worth to get accepted to FaD.

    And, speaking of activity, I was playing like 3-4 hours every week days for weeks before/during/after the application cause I was kinda caught up with this game back then. I met FaD members(including trial members) and did play good games with them. I didn't hear any comment from one of you.

    As you can clearly see, no one would make any attempt at all to set up a date for a match or something. After I posted "is it done?," no one posted except some guy being surprised at the ping. You didn't participate in recruitment or even talk to me much while I was on trial. Summing up, no one's interested in me. *I didn't even know my application was denied until you mentioned*

    After I didn't get any notifications, I just felt "you guys don't need me." I was better at sniping then and I was kinda proud of myself(it's dismal to admit this) so double damaged ;) Since then anyway I blew off FaD in my head. It's part of my problem but I believe it's also clan's structural issues in between application process. I do not intend to excuse and if I'm wrong with any piece of information written above then please inform me because it's been months :)

  10. Trionkali

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    Edited 4 years ago by Trionkali

    I agree |SG|. I was not part of the clan at this time and although we had more active members, The forums were not the place to hang as it seems. I have to admit a lack of presence from clan members and for that I am honestly sorry. FaD could have used a good gunner. Even now there is a complete lack of life on our forums, at least now we actually pay attention to our applicants. I offer an apology for the way you were treated by FaD Members Current and Ex. I did have to say something about the Screen Shots though because the line simply stated a lie, and I had to clear this up even if you have a reason to be irritated at FaD it's not against you, however it was never totally against FaD. I was/AM simply trying to declare both sides because the clan has changed since you applied and now that I am a member I cannot ignore a blow to the clan.

    Our application process is almost identical to AoX except AoX has an awesome crowd that's willing to get on the forums. FaD is still considered a small clan and most of our players seem to be interested in playing and TS3 only, which unfortunately leave only HoeHunter, MeanDuck, I<3U, and Myself to make the 'atmosphere' of the forums. This is something I wish to change in the near future however.

    Now that you blew us from your mind though, you seem to have applied to the right clan. They are all awesome members, with a great group of admins. And now that you know how to take screenies you should be easier to enter a clan now :) Good Luck man Have fun Hope to see you in game very soon.