whopxer's Application [Accepted]

  1. 5 years ago


    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member
    Edited 5 years ago by f0r3v3r

    Basic Enlistment Information
    Nickname: whopxer, nighap.
    Age: 18
    Nationality: United States
    Current Time Zone:Central US

    Tactical Details
    Favorite modes: elevation in 1v1. I have a very good skill set and strategies on iceroad though
    Favorite weapons:pistol, AR, SMG
    Previous Clan: -dyH| (the founder all 3 times), |KpS|, |BME|, and some other really old ones. My heart has really been put towards -dyH| though.
    I've played AssaultCube for about: 5 yrs

    Behavioral Analysis
    What kind of interests do you hope to pursue with the clan? Messi told me to apply as well as my good
    AC friend Cho being in here. I have been with this kid since the beginning.

    Would you consider yourself a Competitive player, or a Casual player? I am a casually competitive player

    Do you have any coding or development experience? Yes and no, I have hosted TS3 servers and AC servers off of a VPS.
    I am also good at website design and Photoshop.

    Do you have any experience in mapping or game modification? Yes but I do not plan on mapping ever.

    These are some of the most recent screenshots I have saved. Note some of these are 6 months old. I just got back to AC from 6 months of inactivity, just in case you did not know already.

  2. whopxer

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    Played some inters today with some of your clan mates. And I 1v1'd Cho

  3. keegs

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member / Administrator

    nice screenshots, gl dude

  4. -Subjective

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member at the end of the Rainbow

    F1 for trail! Nice behavor and good skills!

  5. Padfoot

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    At first I thought the trail thing was a typo...

    Now I think it is some kind of inside joke... -_-

    Anyway, F1 for trial from me as well.

  6. Cho

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member Offline
    Edited 5 years ago by Cho

    F1 for trail
    Lets take a journey on the F1 TRAIL

  7. whopxer

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    Thanks all, I'll be on in exactly 12 hours from this message. Hope to play with you all tomorrow.

  8. badger

    Oct 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    F1 for trial. Good luck.

  9. Muncher

    Oct 2014 Administrator Strawberry Palace

    !!lairt rof 1F

  10. HoeHunter

    Oct 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone

    Seen him in teamspeak, he seems like a nice guy

  11. Pikachu

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member Pikachuland, Hoenn
    Edited 5 years ago by Pikachu

    f1 for trial - known this guy for a long ass time (in game of course) and btw im jg99 whop

  12. f0r3v3r

    Oct 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    F1 for sure - already played with him before and since his inactivity and he has already been on Ts3 with us...
    Gl and Hf

  13. whopxer

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    Played an inter with 45, PSY and AoX players.

  14. issem

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    F1 Trial

  15. HoeHunter

    Oct 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone

    Who is orgasmic lol

  16. whopxer

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    That would be issem haha

    Some more inter. Not the greatest feeling games to me but still GG

  17. f0r3v3r

    Oct 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    8 F1's in a day - I suppose you are welcome here, whopxer =)
    At any rate - you have been accepted for trial!
    Welcome and Good Luck!
    Here is your current whitelist entry...
    You can always find the currently used list @ http://aox-ac.net/nicknameblacklist.cfg
    Let us know if any problems arise.

    accept |AoX?whopxer
    accept whopxer?AoX|
    accept |AoX?wH0pXeR.
    accept .wH0pXeR?AoX|
    accept |AoX?nighap.
    accept .nighap?AoX|
    accept |AoX?whop
    accept whop?AoX|

    Play with us often and try to get to know everyone, so they may also get to know you...
    Congratulations! I will be looking forward to some great games ahead =)

  18. HoeHunter

    Oct 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone


  19. whopxer

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member

    CM against 45, GG's

  20. Cho

    Oct 2014 |AoX| Member Offline

    Looking back at the sunset game dyH vs Ax, Grazy found cheats :P

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