Scotland's Independence Referendum

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    So, for those that didn't know today, the 18th of September, Scotland's people went to the polls to decide if the country should stay in the United Kingdom or become an independent country. As a 17year old I could vote and I voted today. Results will be in on the early hours of Friday morning (about 6am).

    I just want to ask, what are your opinions? I don't want to start a war, I have casted my vote and I believe I have made the right choice. I would just like to know what the international community is thinking?

    Smiley :D

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    oh you voted yes ? I hope not.. is natural to be nationlistic, but in truth.... your just as we are in wales....linked to londons money

    so wear you kilt.. jump high as you like.. but truth is now you have to beg to europe for money to sustain yourselfs.. same as wales

    in truth..get on with it and if you want to vote yes then good luck...if you vote no... then your still scots aint you

    hates the scots I do lol haha

    will say when wales voted for devolution I voted no...,my kids still speak welsh my accent is still welsh. but I do think that the Uk is wonderful place so I will never change the gift I was given at birth

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    17 and you were allowed to vote .;... ? smiles...

    and says glad you took the chance to vote... well done..!!!

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    Yea, the vote was opened out to 16 and 17 year olds. I deliberately didn't say what I voted. Don't hate the scots.. we are humanity and never should be judged or hated for by our nationality. Not everyone wears a kilt, I have one but I don't wear it everyday that would be horrible.

    tbh either way countries are begging money left right and centre.

  5. Padfoot

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    I think no.

  6. badger

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    I am pretty much thinking like vector does; except that I do not hate the scots :D
    (... in fact I have to admit that I have had a kilt myself...)
    Good job, Smiley - the fact that you voted and also the thread you brought up :)

    So what do I guess will be the outcome? I tend to believe that the scots will stay in the UK. They already had their times of showing how liberate they are, for example old William Wallace. In modern times it is not that much important anymore to demonstarte being an "independant" country. If so, it might come out more by personal pride instead of reason. So the outcome might depend on the height of percentage of morons within the total number of persons who have voted... as somehow always and everywhere. Since I can not say anything about the moron-percentage in Scotland (can tell something about that in Germany though) I just can't assume what will be decided after those weeks ;)

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    The result came in about 5:30am. Result:

    No - 45% Yes - 55%

    The turn out was 87.3%!!! WOO!! and over 4.3million voted. For a country that has a population of 5million that is pretty amazing tbh! It was soooo close and vector your now getting more powers and personally that wouldn't have happened without Scotland 'standing up against Westminster'. I am proud of Scotland and I honestly hope (and pray) that the UK doesn't go on an all out verbal war. The thing is, this vote ENGAGED PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED BY POLITICS. The morons you are talking about were people that wanted social change.

  8. badger

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    Naaaahh Smiley, I did not mean that. I just assume that in EVERY country and every population exists a certain percentage of morons. For example one of our moron-groups are the nowadays national socialists, who still want to reject all and every person from other countries, call them bad names and stil do not see how this behaviour is not even for their own good etc.
    I did not mean that every Scotsman who voted for his liberty is a moron but I dared to say that it seems more reasonable to me to stay with the UK.
    If I insultetd your feelings by not making a clea statement I firmly ask you to excuse me for this unintended rudeness.

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    it is okay badger :D

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    haha when I said hate the scots it was said in as a tongue in cheek joke...never mind.
    Actually my best friends are scots. but we are enemies when the rugby is on xd

    so far I have done well as wales have beaten scotland lots lately..

    So the vote is finished and in truth there are no losers as Scotland gets more rights.

    Well worth a vote..
    By the way smiley I have to say you should be proud of yourself for voting.. some dont bother. You do not realise that your ancesters who fought for that right would be happy that you used the right to vote.

    I will say we turned down devolution here in Wales and am happy with that for a few reasons..
    1 its ok shouting I am welsh.. but in truth I am british and happy that I am that.
    2 I am rather fond of the fact that we the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English do a good job representing our selves around the world as British..

    Also will add that you also chose not to disclose your vote...well done because that is your right. Another right that was given to you by your ancesters

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