What does AoX mean to you?

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    Sep 2014 Activated

    Recently, there has been a lot of negativity going around. Hence, I decided to start this thiread. This thread is about |AoX|, and |AoX| ONLY, so if you want to say something about another clan, please start a new thread. I should further clarify that this is the |AoX| Appreciation Thread, so please do not post any negative comments.

    Now let's get this party started!

  2. Music

    Sep 2014 Activated

    I started out as a gema player. I tried pubs, and died a lot. So I played a lot of Gema. Back in 1.1 there was this server called "Gema Portal". It went through a few name changes, but it was the go-to place to place gema. After a while it died because someone guessed an admin password, and then the server never came back up in 1.2. So I started playing on AoX gema. When I was on Gema Portal, I had moderator status so I could kick/ban killers so that we could have a nice, friendly place to play gema. When I first started playing gema on AoX servers, I just really couldn't deal with any of that. I was killed constantly. Thanks to forever, I got to keep playing gema and that is probably one of the reasons I'm still here.

    Thanks, |AoX|!

  3. AOX hmmm if i be honest since I played Ac there have been a few clans that I liked.
    Some not so.
    But AOX I have always noted that they are always polite, always great game players. and to be more honest as you all know I am a rubbish player.. none of you ever say" why are you here"

    Pats on the back do not come without kicks up the arse..
    So here goes..
    I looked at aox forum ages ago when I was with Des and looked at what you were doing.
    I was impressed really that you were clever people having fun.
    Also I noted you were truly international and that is what makes a clan these days I think.
    fInally I would say the duration of your membership is impressive.. Lots of members join and soon get lost along the way and wander in many clans.. yet

  4. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    vector you are not a rubbish player...

  5. HoeHunter

    Sep 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone

    AoX helped me to get my first servers online. Thanks to mash and forever putting up with my horrible Linux knowledge, i have a few servers up and running. They have sparked my interest in coding and Linux and are the reason I still play AssaultCube (well, you too Music xD). Thanks for everything guys. I really love you like family

  6. Pikachu

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member Pikachuland, Hoenn

    great servers, great admins, and no bullcrap.

  7. Short and sweet: I love ya'll <3

  8. Padfoot

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    S0uLk3R Short and sweet: I love ya'll <3



  9. badger

    Sep 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Vector, let loose that opinion of you being a crappy player, ok? :)

  10. If you hurt |AoX|, you'd be hurting me.

    Seriously, most of the clan is pretty cool, even if I don't hang out a lot.

  11. badger

    Sep 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Nicely said, Casius :)

  12. PoPCorN

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Senior Member Bottom of sea which is ATLANTIC

    Staying in aox more than 1 year.I will say aox is a great family.

  13. Bloodsport

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Senior Member

    AoX means that I can still pretend to myself that I have time to play AC. Life is a balance that is usually hopelessly unbalanced. When I started playing AC back when 0.93 was the trendy version I was largely unemployed with time and no money. Now I have money and no time. I think I preferred the former, but money is addictive and it's hard to go back.

  14. badger

    Sep 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    *lol* some true words upon that money-thing, Bloodsport!
    Although I'd appreciate to see you more times around I am happy that you have a real life :)

  15. Cho

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member Offline

    Sunshine and Buttercups

  16. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
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  17. badger

    Sep 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    What does AoX mean to me... well...
    It's my burrow, friends & family.

    We've built it

    shared it

    had good times

    watched over it

    and defended it


  18. issem

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member

    I didnt left even when graz and zadig (my best mates) left. I found a confortable clan, with Nice and interesting players. Also fun to speak with about life and politics. Also Great for advices, present for request. Mh, ♥

  19. Sometimes Issem.. those that left return. But hey you have experienced good days as a brother member of a clan together with Grazy and zadig..
    Best part is you still see them in AC soooooo your friendship will always continue..

    But you still have strong friendships here.. So life continues. Of course you know that your well respected here.
    I know I am not a clan member but I do know from what I read in here. Your well liked and well thought of as a member who contributes lots.

  20. -Subjective

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member at the end of the Rainbow

    AoX is my sexond family :)

    When I joined I hadn't started playing inters and those competitive stuff. I've always been a (t)osok player.
    But it chencged since I came back from my break and started to plah ctf in pubs.
    Hang around with some members of a lot of clans and i made a little list for myself.
    AoX came out as a winner because of the really nice people here.

    After i joined I started to play competitive.
    Big thanks to Madcatz and Graziano (woow first time i say maddies full name xD) for their help!
    And now I still think this wasn't the clan to choose in competitve way.
    In those 4 months here I've grown to a player which can play with the top guys now :) i got so dangerous with my new sensitivety :)

    But even this clan got even worser in competitive way cause Graz andZadig left I stayes.
    I've been thinking to move on to clans like .45 or rC. But i couldn't leave you.

    So here I still am :) happy with all my friends here but also outside this clan.
    I hope for some long time here with you guys :)


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