Infinity's Application [Accepted]

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  1. 5 years ago


    Context |AoX| Trial Member somewhere in the |Infinity|

    first to say my teammate does not mind so much, because you all are awesome and I think that I need most the cover ^^.

    Subby I like him because he knows what is to have a "NICE?" internet and in that aspect he understand me...

    Whopxer I like him because he seem a very active player and seems that strives a lot :D, also one of his favorites guns is AR, it is difficult to find a player playing with AR in this version ^^

    But I think that Subby would be my perfect teammate because I dont know how you cover Whopxer :D, anyway we will meet

    The perfect team obyously is with Gratz, Subby and Whopxer ^^

    I have forgotten the demos of the matches, here they are. I forgot to get of ac_power xD much lagg, you would get bored of that demo ^^

  2. I love you Padfoot. You always seem to come in with a question two weeks late.

    I guess you deserve an explanation.
    I am not AoX I am not any clan I prefer to be freelance.
    Atm I kind of take interest in a few clans that I post on. I like to think if I contribute, then I am helping.
    Smaller clans need support so I spend time with them. Ok I am not especial but every effort helps.
    Not that Aox needs any of my efforts.
    I also occasionally fund things here and there if I feel it helps. That is my way of saying thank you to AC for the hours of fun I receive and the friendships therin.

    True I am known as DES|vector. I have to say its a great name to have as it kind of gives me respect no matter where I go.
    The reason I come into your haven is because your all a great bunch of people and I cant help but be involved.
    Perhaps if I leave you will take my place Pads and start contributing more. I wish you would because then I have not wasted my time here have I. If I get just one response or one person to do more in AC , my job is done. Smiles.. So come on down Pads and take my place.

  3. madcatz

    Context Administrator Đ¯ussia

    F1 - active, fastest flagger i know, over 1 billion screenshots, his english is more than good, with us to be the will is strong within him, saw him in ts3 so at least he is familiar with it and reached our channel. good luck ;)

    |FaD| is pro depot clan :D