VectorM12's Application [Denied]

  1. 4 years ago

    Basic Enlistment Information
    Nickname: VectorM12
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Russian
    Current Time Zone: GMT +1

    Tactical Details
    Favorite modes: CTF, TDM
    Favorite weapons: AR, Sniper
    Previous Clan: GRF (Griffons)
    I've played AssaultCube for about: 3 years

    Behavioral Analysis
    Would you be willing to participate in Training Matches, Clan Matches, Inters, or Tournaments?

    I'm particularly interested in Training Matches and Clan Matches as I want to improve my accuracy and tactical awareness. I've recently started using radar which I never did before :D and the first time for the last 3 months I noticed I can actually do hax jump in gemas (I thought I'd never be able to learn it). Additionally I'd like to learn other aspects of AC such as graffics settings, crosshair, accuracy tips, situational awareness, edje jumping ect to improve my skills. I've played some inters with some of the clan members before (Madcatz, quico, Grazy, Pikachu) I think they are nice guys and good players too. God bless :)

  2. badger

    Jul 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Cool, i am looking forward to meet you next week :)

  3. Pikachu

    Jul 2014 |AoX| Member Pikachuland, Hoenn

    GL & HF! I've seen you in game before.

  4. madcatz

    Jul 2014 Administrator Яussia

    F1 for trial. Know him for a long time - nice skills, good personality. Good luck ;)

  5. f0r3v3r

    Jul 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Awesome cuber, friendly player.... I would love to see you on Ts3 sometime if possible, VectorM12...
    Other than that, he has a Trial F1 guaranteed from myself...
    Glad to see you apply!!! GL and HF!

  6. To be honest I'm not very familiar with teamspeak but I have installed it today and joined the AoX channel (although there is some message saying that I have "insufficient client permissions" dunno what that means). Played some ladders today (BoB ladder) and got appaled at how terrible my AR aim has become. In 1.1 it was a lot better... or maybe it's just my imagination and the smg is probably overpowered because I kept dying to smg users all the time :). Sometimes I shoot directly at the opponent but the bullets just don't seem to get there somehow... very strange :(

  7. madcatz

    Jul 2014 Administrator Яussia

    v1.2 have some server unhits problem, but it happens mostly with smg.
    smg is a little overpowered comparing to AR, but not so much. If you can use sniper+pistol well it is the best defense weapon ever.

  8. Hey guys I've decided to withdraw my application for personal reasons.

  9. madcatz

    Jul 2014 Administrator Яussia


  10. badger

    Jul 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Too bad - anyhow i wish you gl & hf. Hope you will find the way back one day :-(

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