Getting on Whitelist

  1. 8 years ago

    Hey guys. I'm not able to use your servers with my tag because my IP isn't on the whitelist. If you could add DES|Inline with the IP that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. mash

    Jul 2014 Administrator Germany

    Link to DES| whitelist?

  3. Music

    Jul 2014 Activated

    From the BoB Whitelist:

    // ClanTag:	DES|
    // FullName:	Dedicated Elite Soldiers
    // ClanURL:
    // Updater:	Medusa
    // Owner:	Freddo
    block DES|		// Not lower case as causing too
    block |DES		// many false positives.
    block DESl                // small L
    block DESI                // capital i
    accept DES|BenWasHere
    accept DES|blackbeast
    accept DES|Blind_man
    accept DES|byrus
    accept DES|Cleaner
    accept DES|Cyprian
    accept DES|Dreamer 
    accept DES|Freddo
    accept DES|GenDisarray  //
    accept DES|Godsmack
    accept DES|5FDP //Godsmack
    accept DES|Hallstrom //
    accept DES|Kijax
    accept DES|Medusa
    accept DES|OpenSource
    accept DES|optus //
    accept DES|R4zor
    accept DES|Ruthless
    accept DES|RuThLe$$
    accept DES|sundown
    accept DES|TampaMike
    accept DES|SeaTacMike
    accept tipper|DES| //
    accept DES|TwItCh
    accept DES|h00ver
    accept DES|RiverOut	
    accept DES|Vampy	// Inactive
    accept DES|Anderson 
    accept DES|Snoopy //Anderson under a diff name
    accept DES|Puffadder
    accept DES|Puffadder   // aka puffadder
    accept pwnstar|DES|   // aka puffadder
    accept DES|Mazellan
    accept a_slow_old|DES|
    accept DES|KAZ 
    accept DES|Giggletron
    accept DES|schaf from
    accept DES|schaf
    accept DES|jAcKRoCk*
    accept DES|Mayhem
    accept DES|Demten4ever
    accept DES|Twist
    accept Twist|DES|
    accept DES|Jeb
    accept DES|YakuzA
    accept DES|Inline
    accept DES|k4z
    accept DES|Inline

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