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  1. 5 years ago


    Context |AoX| Member / Administrator

    cheers! for a while now HTN has not been very active and I have not seen any members on for a very long time. I would like to join a clan with active members, who are good players and involved in clan matches! AoX seems to fit this perfectly :)

  2. madcatz

    Context Administrator Đ¯ussia

    He is mostly nearby Australian. Asian has same problem tbh. They are active at the time we are sleeping or have work\school.

  3. keegs

    Context |AoX| Member / Administrator

    i know that the Australian western time zone is four hours behind or in front of me (i think)

  4. keegs

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    thanks for the good word flint! you da best <3 yes it would be cool to play some games with you madcatz! i have school holidays in two weeks, for two weeks, so i should be regularly active during that point :) you too :)!

  5. Padfoot

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    Well, too answer a point made a fair few weeks ago

    WA time zone (mine, I'm a Perth boy), is, as I believe, 6 hours behind the kiwis. The more common time zone (AEST) includes places like Sydney and Melbourne. That is 2-3 hours ahead of me. I say 2-3 because those people have daylight saving (really, who actually wants to wake up an hour earlier *shudder*). During winter, 2, summer, 3. But we do have the problem of few being online.

  6. keegs

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    haha i have not been too active recently - have a lot of school work piling up as i am nearing exams :/

  7. -Subjective

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    keegs haha i have not been too active recently - have a lot of school work piling up as i am nearing exams :/

    K exams go first!

  8. keegs

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    thank you padfoot! madcatz i am still active, yesterday i managed to play with subjective, mash and pika for a bit, as well as seeing krizer on the odd occasion. i am preparing for exams so in like 2 months by activity will drop for about a month then i will be back strong during the holidays :)