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    Official Directives and Documentation

    |Art of eXecution| ~Code of Honor~
    AssaultCube Home Page
    AssaultCube Forum
    AssaultCube AKIMBO!
    AssaultCube Documentation Index
    Responsibilities of Server Admininstrators
    CubeScript Reference Index
    Commandline Arguments
    AssaultCube Blacklist Reports Thread
    AssaultCube Obvious Cases of Cheating
    |AoX| Blacklist Report Thread
    Nickname Whitelist
    Server Blacklist

    Declassified Archives

    |AoX| Original HomePage
    |AoX|{F43} Landing Page
    |AoX| Original Clan Forum
    |AoX| Application Information
    |AoX| Server List
    reloaded.org Review of AssaultCube 0.93

    Allied Intelligence and Surveillance

    .4ngry 5ouls | Clan Forum
    |FaD| Fight and Die Clan Forum
    |Dedicated Elite Soldiers| AssaultCube Gaming Addiction Clinic
    [Hold This Nade] Clan Page
    inFamous* Gaming Clan
    Paradox infinity_Clan Forum
    Presidential Bodyguards and PB} Forum
    [Psychopaths Shooting You] - From the bowels of the Alterland
    =Sniper Alliance= Clan Portal
    U|nbreakable Clan Page
    Known List of Clans

    Training and Education

    |AoX| Academy
    The "Situation" Thread
    Bench's The Mode of all Modes
    Code Academy
    "How to play like legacy"
    Bukz CubeScript


  2. badger

    Sep 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    ... how come I did not find this thread before?? O_o
    Just great work f0r3v3r!
    When I found it a few mins ago I just set a bookmark on it.

  3. HoeHunter

    Sep 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone

    I believe you might be missing a website for Allied Intelligence xD

  4. f0r3v3r

    Sep 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Maybe you need to read the list a little closer >;D

  5. Padfoot

    Sep 2014 |AoX| Member Somewhere... Over the rainbow

    Dun Dun Dun...

  6. HoeHunter

    Sep 2014 Activated The Hoe Hunting Zone

    lol forever <3

  7. Perhaps there are a few ideas for your website Hoe.. of course kindly ask For3v3r first.

    Look great on your website..

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