Exodus's Application [Denied]

  1. 5 years ago

    Nickname: Exodus
    Age: 16(17 in october)
    Nationality: French
    Current Time Zone:
    Tactical Details
    Favorite modes: LSS, DM, TDM
    Favorite weapons: Sniper
    Previous Clan: -KUT- (not official member)
    I've played AssaultCube for about: 5 years
    Behavioral Analysis
    Would you be willing to participate in Training Matches, Clan Matches, Inters, or Tournaments? Yes

  2. Graziano

    May 2014 |AoX| Member

    Hey exo :)
    nice to see you!
    f1 for trial, know him from my noob time and had much fun with him!

  3. Hey grazi ;D, yeah in old time we were frogging hard xD

  4. Graziano

    May 2014 |AoX| Member

    Ahahaa and our hide and seek weeks :P

  5. Yes

  6. f0r3v3r

    May 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    Thank you for applying, Exodus! I am excited to see you here...
    I think it should be no problem to get a few f1's here....
    Welcome and Good Luck!

  7. Thanks to you mate :)

  8. f0r3v3r

    May 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
    Edited 5 years ago by f0r3v3r

    Do you have Teamspeak3? You can find many of us there most days....
    Address is aox-ac.net

  9. Yes I have ts3 but currently I don't have any headphones to talk :/

  10. But I'm really active, I can play everydays

  11. And I play everydays

  12. f0r3v3r

    May 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    It is ok, we do have a few members there with a similar situation...

  13. Okey, glad to not be the only one !

  14. f0r3v3r

    May 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere

    You are never alone.....

    Sometimes we just don't know it yet...


  15. Haha yeah ;D

  16. madcatz

    May 2014 Administrator Яussia

    WoW! F1
    I've played on your servers, and LSS'ed several times with you on pubs.
    I thought you were much elder :P

  17. Haha man I am not the mapper ExoduSS, my real old nick is |666|Exodus I used to play only LSS ;D

  18. Didn't know this name was the name of the mapper in old time, I took it because it's the name of my favorite band, Exodus !

  19. Zadig

    May 2014 |AoX| Member Fra

    Bonne chance !

  20. madcatz

    May 2014 Administrator Яussia

    Ahh...that fail...i will take my F1 back...jk :3 F1 for trail :)
    Welcome to our community anyway.

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