Paradox Infinity Servers Admin Applications Open

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    Hey guys,

    I know this isn't really AoX related but some people have been asking about admin on Paradox Infinity servers and... applications are open! I know there are a lot of good admins on AoX, so if you want admin go on over and apply @


  2. Where are they hosted?

    Match or public?

  3. Music

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    Location: Georgia, US
    Servers: Match (2.72) and Public (3.14)

    Also, don't bother applying, Vanilla. You will not get admin.

  4. f0r3v3r

    Apr 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
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    As a note to your continual curiosity with server location, Vanilla, I have some disappointing news for you....
    Africa has a very limited connection to the backbone channels of the Internet. As you probably already know, much of the continent still has no Internet access whatsoever...
    The fact is, that you will likely continue to experience a limit in options where you are until someone makes significant investments to increase the capability of the current infrastructure.
    That being said, location is not going to help you much...
    Even if I were able to find a reasonable provider in South Africa, we could never host AC servers with them. We could, but no one would play on them, except you maybe....
    The reason for this is because everyone else in the world would lag even worse than you do now connecting elsewhere... Additionally, there is nothing that says you wouldn't lag there as well, other than your location and/or vicinity to the server...
    Aside from the above reasons, have you ever calculated the cost of South African hosting? As you might imagine, it is a lot for very little....
    I have had similar issues in other locations - Singapore/Asia in general, and Australia... Even if you could find a reasonable provider you won't get very much in the way of bandwidth or performance....
    All told, you end up with a bad server anyway - but at a premium instead....

    As for the admin thing.... Map voting and team fixing to your own advantage are both forms of admin abuse.... Kicking people with invalid reasons, even if just to save time when going in to private mode, is admin abuse... Banning people for their opinions, in my opinion, is admin abuse (assuming they aren't being vulgar and/or abusive about it)....
    Yes I am saying you have done these things before... Hopefully you are learning and you have stopped some of these things..... Albeit, if this behavior is in your own server, then it is completely alright (see PERROS )...
    But that just means that you are admin abusing in your own server, which you can't get blacklisted for, so it is ok.
    (Hint: It is still admin abuse)

  5. Its kinda weird that i get 90-100 ping on this server :o
    Was expecting something around 50, hmm

  6. f0r3v3r

    Apr 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
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    /connect 5050
    32-Client Server hidden from the Masterserver located in Buffalo....
    Lemme know what kind of ping you get there, Moto...

  7. Low 40s on bu. 50s in Orlando, but 90s in Georgia :l

  8. Music

    Apr 2014 Activated

    tbh i'd have to ask where my server is located, but i did a geoip look up (lol) and it came back with georgia

  9. madcatz

    Apr 2014 Administrator Яussia

    lol f0r3v3r is Russia connected to the Internet accoding to your scheme?

  10. f0r3v3r

    Apr 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
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    Sorry guys that diagram is just for undersea connections to give an example of base connectivity.... Of course I think there may still be plenty of areas still unwired yes?

  11. south Africa's internet structure is the best in Africa - my friend gets 120 ping in German servers where I get 200-250.

    I personally have shit internet, but I was just curious where these would be hosted, I'm not interested in admin powers ( find them mostly completely useless and have no need for them in match servers)

    Maybe with the extensive range of AoX servers I might apply for admin on them, just to keep out team- killers, laggers etc.

    Thanks for the image though, interesting stuff :)

  12. quico

    Apr 2014 Activated

    You cant be admin, I think that you will be a bad admin, I only have to see how are you xD

  13. You don't even know me, and you probably never will - due to only believing and following other peoples opinions instead of finding something out for yourself.

  14. madcatz

    Apr 2014 Administrator Яussia

    Since you were clearly trolling him, he dislikes you in the same way.

  15. Music

    Apr 2014 Activated

    I've seen you around, Vanilla, and I would never give you admin.

  16. Mousikos if you are still using my VPS, it's located in Chicago.

  17. Music

    Apr 2014 Activated

    Still using your VPS for personal servers -- not for Pi servers. >.> Thanks for the information, by the way

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