issem's Application [Accepted]

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  1. 5 years ago


    Context |AoX| Member

    Ty very much for the F1 ! :)
    was a pleasure to play with you , hope to do it again soon.
    i ll try to be a little bit more active in the forum in general tho

  2. madcatz

    Context Administrator Яussia

    You are going nice. You are active and competetive player. And feel comfotable having talks with you.

  3. issem

    Context |AoX| Member

    Thx a lot for thoses F1 !
    sorry for this days i have a lot of work and when im playing, i m a bit irregulary. Need to work on that ! Cu tonight !

  4. issem

    Context |AoX| Member

    Hello guys , just to let u know that I ll be afk some days , I'm buying a new computer , better of my laptop and I ll be able to play everyday on a real computer (Graz will be happy , I ll frag !!)
    also how many votes I need to be accepted ? Ty !

  5. issem

    Context |AoX| Member

    Ola guys !
    sorry for being afk thoses days , i work a lot and i can t find time for play. It will be better soon, hope everything find and i hope ur not missing me to much cause i missing you !

  6. quico

    Context Activated

    congrats issem, im not in the game or active this days, becuase i have internet problems :(