What is the Triumvirate?

  1. 6 years ago


    Feb 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
    Edited 6 years ago by f0r3v3r

    The Triumvirate is a name given to the Leaders of |AoX|...

    The clan organization is founded upon the leadership of the triumvirate... And through these three leaders the final vote on all official decisions will rest...

    The Original Triumvirate included Phoenix (Clan Founder), Badger (Co-Founder), and madcatz...
    The Current Triumvirate Leadership includes Badger, madcatz, and +f0r3v3r+

  2. badger

    Feb 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    best way to lead a clan in a wise way from my point of view :)

  3. Music

    Feb 2014 Activated

    I disagree. Without Mousikos, something is just... missing. =P

  4. badger

    Feb 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Again that four-person triple leadership-talk :D

  5. madcatz

    May 2014 Administrator Đ¯ussia

    Missed that conversation...

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