How can I join Art of eXecution?

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    The |AoX| Application Process


    If you want to become a member of Art of eXecution, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Be competent in the English Language
    • Be willing to agree to the behavior set forth in the Code of Honor
    • Be willing to use TeamSpeak to communicate with other members of the clan

    It is assumed that you play AssaultCube and have at least a basic knowledge of the game.
    Note: For the purposes of decision-making, the voting conventions of AssaultCube are in place:
    F1 = Yes; F2 = No; F3 = Undecided

    Application and Pre-Trial Evaluation

    The first step to applying is to register here at the forum
    Once you have registered, you will need to make an application according to the template set forth in the Application Form Template
    (You can do this by beginning a 'New Conversation' in the 'Recruits' Channel of the Forum)
    Additionally, here is an example copy of the Application Form Template
    Application Form Template

    [b]Basic Enlistment Information[/b]
    Current Time Zone:
    [b]Tactical Details[/b]
    Favorite modes: 
    Favorite weapons:
    Previous Clan:
    I've played AssaultCube for about: 
    [b]Behavioral Analysis[/b]
    What kind of interests do you hope to pursue with the clan? 
    Would you consider yourself a Competitive player, or a Casual player?
    Do you have any coding or development experience?
    Do you have any experience in mapping or game modification?

    Please make sure you understand the Code of Honor

    Before an applicant can be accepted into clan membership, they must first be approved for, and subsequently, pass a trial with the clan.
    During application at least 2 active members and a Triumvirate leader must have an opportunity to engage with the applicant in Ts3.
    In order to be approved for a trial, the applicant should also engage with one of the leaders and available members in-game, for at least two games... Often a leader can be found at our TeamSpeak Server @

    If any member f2's an application they will be expected to give a clear reason why.
    Before the trial can commence, the reason for the f2 must be resolved between the applicant and the member who has a problem. If the issue cannot be resolved, or if any additional members f2, then the application will be denied.

    If the applicant can secure f1's from three active members they can continue in to trial...

    |AoX?Trial Membership

    Our trial period is given to allow the leaders, and members, of the clan to have the opportunity to engage with the potential recruit in order to assess the skills and personality of the prospective recruit...

    During the trial period, applicants will need to be as active as possible and have frequent communication with other members of the clan. If accepted, members are asked to play with the trial tag - |AoX? or ?AoX| - for the duration of their trial...

    Trial applications will come to a vote after 1 month's time, and will remain open until a majority of at least 2 Triumvirate leaders and 4 Active Regular Members have voiced approval...

    Please Note: Trial applicants should seek the support of All members of the Triumvirate , where possible, in order to enter Art of eXecution...

    If you receive 2 or more F2's from Full active members, or a single F2 from a Triumvirate Leader, your application will be terminated...

    Alternatively, a vote of approval may conclude early if the required Triumvirate leaders and members necessary to pass a vote are in agreement to do so...

    Acceptance in to |AoX|

    Should you be able to pass the required votes to enter the clan, you will be accepted as an equal and full member of the clan, fully eligible for benefits available to all members...

    Thank you for applying - Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

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