Ced's Application [Denied]

  1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by mash

    General Information
    Nick: Ced
    Age: 19
    Nationality: French

    Additional Information
    Favorite modes: Ced
    Favorite weapons: SMG, AR, Sniper
    Previous Clan: [Hunt], =AW=
    Playing for: 5/6 years

    Why I want to join AoX:
    I search clan for "medium" match

    About me:
    Study a lot and my girlfriend are priority
    I think i'm a quite "good" player

  2. madcatz

    Feb 2014 Administrator Яussia

    As an applicant you can start you trial. And wear |AoX? or ?AoX| tag for a month. During this time post your screenshots and you can participate in clan matches. f0r3v3r can add you in whitelist of our server, so you can play on them. Good luck.

  3. f0r3v3r

    Feb 2014 Administrator Nowhere, Everywhere
    Edited 5 years ago by f0r3v3r

    Alright, Ced...
    Thank you for applying.....
    You have been whitelisted for trial with us...
    You can view your entry as well as others @
    We will give you a month to play with us for us to learn more about you, and so you may learn more about us.
    The Triumvirate Leaders will vote at the conclusion of your trial to determine if you will continue with us into Full Membership..
    For now stay active and play with us often so we may know you...
    Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

  4. badger

    Feb 2014 Administrator badger's burrow

    Cause f0r3v3r and madcat already have said everything my words to you are short:

    • listen to what they've said
    • good luck & have fun
    • see you in game
  5. Thank you for your hospitality,

    I'm sad because i can't give you my old Screenshoot when i was good, i'm not very good for the moment but it can come back faster i think. I'm always happy to make inter/CM or 1v1 with you. But unluckily i do first study the new version of AC.

  6. madcatz

    Feb 2014 Administrator Яussia

    Hope to see you ingame, Ced.

  7. Music

    Feb 2014 Activated

    GL with your app, Ced

  8. Edited 5 years ago by mash

    Sorry but i won't join AoX, i join a friendly team |BME| :)

  9. madcatz

    Mar 2014 Administrator Яussia

    Good luck, Ced! and sure have fun 2 :)

  10. Music

    Mar 2014 Activated

    Ced Sorry but i won't join AoX, i join a friendly team |BME| :)

    This implies AoX isn't friendly. lol

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