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General Information
Nick: Casius
Age: 16
Nationality: I'm Asian, but I live in the US
Real Name: Brad

Additional Information
Favorite modes: CTF
Favorite weapons: SMG
Previous Clan: |uC|, was in |Ax| a few months back
Playing for: A little over a year

Why I want to join AoX:
I was invited by +f0r3v3r+ and this clan is active, but at the same time, friendly

About me:
Not much. I do like playing with technology. Play some sports at school and I'd much prefer being a no life than playing sports :P

What I want to accomplish by joining AoX:
Since my last app, I think I have improved and and I'm hoping to become a better team player and at the same time make new friends

Why I should be in AoX:
I try my best to be active and I consider myself a decent player. I can also help around with the servers

Sorry for my short app.